TOC ‐ “Theory of Constraints” is the management theory and philosophy invented and structured by Dr. Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt (March 31, 1947 –June 11, 2011). Dr Goldratt became a Business Management Guru and authored several business novels and non‐fiction works, mainly on the application of the theory of constraints to various manufacturing, engineering, and other business processes.

Dr Eli Goldratt created the Avraham Y Goldratt Institute or AGI to promote the Theory of Constraints and help, it be implemented worldwide, but till date there was no structured and processed method to deliver and educate people in Theory of Constraints or educating using TOC.


Almost everyone who is a TOC Consultant and implementer in any company has to deal with a major challenge while dealing with people and their mindset/ paradigm to bring the change in the organization and help organizations multiply their bottomline. This challenge is generally surfaced out because each of us has been taught over years and decades in a given set pattern and method, which is actually away from the generic commonsense of the life.


MINDS is a company formed with “Blue Ocean Strategy” decided to take‐up a special Consulting projects and create its own “Decisive Competitive Edge” by creating a field where there are many players but there is no game changer. MINDS signed a special “Memorandum of Understanding” for providing the structured TOC Education and based on TOC. TOCICO is the supreme body which provides the Certifications to various people who have learned TOC, to become trainers, practitioners etc.


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We help Companies convert their aspirations and bring jump in business performance by rapidly developing and sustaining a significant competitive edge. We have absorbed other well-known management philosophies to nurture and strengthen the core of Consulting.



MINDS is an organization specially formed to impart Education using TOC principles, guidelines and tools to children. We have chain of Junior Minds  Preschools and MINDS GLOBAL SCHOOL. Whereas MINDSEEDS is our Teacher Training Institutes preparing teachers with curriculum of 21st Century learning



It is generally observed that departments in various corporates conduct trainings on various subject and with intention of bringing development in their resources, but in most of the cases such trainings generally fails to convert these initiatives into the direct relationship to the main goal of the organization. We are  dedicated to bring unconventional change in organizations, based on their aspirations, we not only provide specialized and certified corporate trainings, but also bring guaranteed results, as an outcome of these private & public initiatives.


Today MINDS & CGR Group has formed a consortium to achieve the GOAL and objective of the organization and bring a shift in paradigm of people across globe and bring a change. Today MINDS & CGR are present in Canada, Mexico, USA, Middle East, North Africa and expanding their wings in Asia.


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