Mission & Vision


We are a boutique holistic business transformation consultancy founded in Canada to serve American Market. Today along with MINDS, CGR-MINDS has got its presence in Canada, United States, Mexico, MENA and ASIA. Our unique hybrid of scientific management tools has helped numerous clients achieve exponential growth in a relatively short period. Our clients and projects are quite diverse and cover a  multitude of industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Construction, Facilities Management, and Mining just to name a few. Our team of consultants are all leading industry experts and many have 25+ years of solid business transformation experience.



"We help Companies, convert their aspirations and bring jump in business performance by rapidly developing and sustaining a significant competitive edge. We have absorbed other well-known management philosophies to nurture and strengthen the core of Consulting."



"To become the first socially responsible holistic, reliable business transformation organization that uses a hybrid of scientific management tools, &Guarantee  to optimize and create value growth for companies."


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