Our approach to project management solves the problems of management by combining three powerful methodologies:

  • Systemic project management using the TOC algorithm called Critical Chain
  • Control your key organizational constraint utilizing 6-Sigma
  • Achievement of stability and predictability by reducing variation (Deming)


There are several reasons to keep a process under control:

  • The impossibility of predicting which often translates into the impossibility to plan and carry out programs.
  • The costs associated with activities in a company that confuses common causes with special causes of variation.
  • The deployment flow of critical path tasks in processes can cost you time and resources.
  • A system is viewed as a holistic organism where any delay to its slowest part will delay the system.


A local optima process or department which may be optimized to zero variation may negatively impact the system. Indeed, performance that seems good will often disguise poor resource optimization.

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